2018 Serenade Soul Kitchen...  August 12 - 15... a 3 day workshop before the Festival!

As part of CHALABRE EN SÉRÉNADE - a festival of love songs in the region famous for the Troubadours - we wanted to provide an opportunity for participants to hone their performance skills before being exposed to our International Festival audience.  The workshop will include ample time for rehearsals, new creations and collaborations.   This is a great opportunity for professionals to work on their craft and for the novice to learn from top notch international teachers , no matter your language skills, you will not be alone... you will be embraced... we got you!  Please see this link for details about what you will learn in the workshop... CLICK HERE


Immersion in our small village and this region provides an unparalleled creative opportunity... we are in the heart of one of the most naturally beautiful areas in France... surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and medieval history and culture, there are many things to do and to be inspired by... set your imagination on fire!

The workshop runs from Sunday, August 12 through Wednesday, August 15 - with an option to stay through the festival activities ... we suggest you stay for it all!

For planning purposes, we will ask everyone to fly into Toulouse airport on Sunday, Aug 12 or make your way to Carcassonne via train from Barcelona, Spain or elsewhere.  We will be coordinating pick ups.  Sunday night will be the welcome dinner and meet and greet at the hotel!  The workshop will run all day Monday through Wednesday.  The festival continues Thursday through Saturday (see the details HERE).   You can arrange for flights home or elsewhere on Sunday or better yet Monday (€85 for the last night or stay near the airport - you'll love Toulouse or Barcelona) !!


€300 - Workshop only - includes Sunday dinner, workshop and dinners Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

FOR LOCAL MUSICIANS... call Jennifer for more information...

If you wish to make other lodging arrangements, please talk with Jennifer, we have connections with some short term rentals and other hotels.

Find out more about our region HERE...

PLEASE CONTACT JENNIFER ASAP.....  dreamsiclearts@gmail.com

What Is The Soul Kitchen?

The Songwriter Soul Kitchen is a creative laboratory, a meeting place for artists of all levels...singers, musicians, producers, and just plain creative folk.  For one full week or weekend, you will experience hands on workshops, creativity sessions, writing sessions with groups and as an individual, multiple live performance opportunities and much more.  The brainchild of Vinx De'Jon Parrette, Berklee College of Music educator, songwriter, recording artist, and coach, SSK is the most comprehensive version of Vinx's Artist Within curriculum.  

During the week / weekend, each session is crafted to present and develop tools for critical listening to help you better understand the source of your inspiration.  We all have a life filter that houses our library of experiences and memories. This filter allows us to color and embellish all information that is received through it.  Yet we rarely recognize that our true genius walks within our own unique creative process.  

The Workshop Objectives:

1.  Ways to be inspired (triggering the artist within)

2.  Introduce the participants to themselves (critical listening)

3.  Expose your unique opinion and creativity (authentic self)

4.  Learn to respect the creative process and truth of others. (true diversity / first kiss)

5.  To see and hear beyond the obvious. (between the notes / vocal styling / back story)

6.  Melody challenge - Create 5 melodies from 1 groove

7.  Harmony as Scat - explore your choices

8.  The Art of the Duet - sharing the space

9.  Lyrics - Just because it rhymes doesn't make it a song

“My ART is my opinion and my CREATIVITY is in the telling of it.” - Vinx
DETAILED INFORMATION & REGISTRATION LINK: contact Jennifer Lambert at dreamsiclearts@gmail.com