VINX Virtual Workshop Series

We are so excited to present VINX's online Creativity Workshop Series - please spread the word among your friends who may be interested to learn more about it!  We've set up an amazing program that will run monthly - read on to learn all about it....

We begin new sessions on the first Sunday of every month and you can register in advance at any time, just tell us what month(s) you wish to join - Sign up now as space is limited!!!   (scroll to bottom of page for the registration link...)


"We are living in a very challenging, socially isolating time. One of the most important activities for creative thinking is the sharing of resources and mentorship. Together we can conquer any obstacle or nemesis. Our goal is to enhance and respectfully sustain the craft of songwriting.

To do this we need more than musical talent. We need to join with the great minds of organizers and technical builders to help fill in. Those of us who lean to the left with our creative dream brain need a little balance from our right brain brothers and sisters. What i am saying is that everyone has a place in this endeavor.  PLEASE join us and help us grow!" - VINX


Monthly Schedule

1st  Sunday TOPIC TALK to connect and PAIR TEAMS if the month features teamwork - 8pm Paris, 2pm New York, 11am LosAngeles

2nd Sunday FOLLOW UP discussion and special guest mentor - 8pm Paris, 2pm New York, 11am LosAngeles

3rd  Sunday LISTENING / READING SESSION to share progress - 8pm Paris, 2pm New York, 11am LosAngeles

4th  Sunday SONG REVIEW / "SUGALIP" LOUNGE - share group demos - 8pm Paris, 2pm New York, 11am LosAngeles

All sessions will be recorded if you miss one of the Sunday sessions

Each participant gets one private session with VINX, once per month

Songwriting teams arrange their own schedules

If your team decides to record your song, you are encouraged to tip the workstation engineer that mixes and produces the demo

This workshop series will be using exercises developed by VINX during his years of teaching at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and running his own immersive weekend workshops called the Songwriter Soul Kitchen,

The Artist Within

and the VINX Vocal Summit

Follow the links for more information ...





New Sessions Begin the 1st Sunday of every month - Sign up now as space is limited!!!

We have an amazing set of possible exercises and projects to work on - here are some examples - 

  1. The artist within (what makes you special)

  2. Backstory (build the punch line)

  3. Inanimate objects (tell stories from the perspective of an object)

  4. Re-make ( era & period sound alikes)

  5. Cultural influences  (exchanging styles and feels)

  6. Conversation.. (music is a language that needs a story or feeling)

  7. Closing (how to finish a song creating an outline- first verse or last)

  8. Jingles (we follow the product instructions)

  9. Paintings ( merge with the artists intention)

  10. Photo’s (see before and past the ordinary image - share your details)

  11. Sculptures (we are inspired by everything we see)

  12. Film scenes (we create songs for submitted scenes)

  13. Computer games (game songs)

  14. Fashion and hero theme songs (capture the spirit)

  15. First Kiss (musically tell us the experience)

  16. the light in the darkness (describe as if you were blind or deaf)

  17. Writer's block (how to rekindle)

  18. Emotional soundtrack (we focus on the sounds of our emotions)

  19. Between the Lines (break it done one word at a time “Miss Susanna” by Djavan)

  20. 5 melody challenge (sing 5 different melodies on existing track)

  21. Melody cram ( sing a familiar song on new chords)

  22. Instruments influence (improvisation scat become an instrument)

  23. Sound off TV (play what you see, instinct)

  24. Gallery (field trip to museums, to inspire)

  25. Poetry (into song)

  26. Lyric puzzle ( complete lyrics for existing track)

  27. when worlds collide.. (Bridge challenge, crashes different sections together) 

  28. Silence is a note (defines a lyric Sing early, Sing Late)

  29. Tone Nuance (Vibrato versus a Runs)

  30. Rhythm (changes feel and melodies and choices)


To register, please follow the steps below - and given that we are a global group now please note that 85 euros equals approximately 100 US dollars.  Registration online allows you to pay by credit card or PayPal.  Look for the line that says Card Number below the PayPal button to simply enter your credit card instead.  You may also email Jennifer at to express your interest and to receive your registration package - we can't wait to get started!

(Please reach out if you wish to join but are in a difficult place financially now - our community has been hardest hit by this pandemic we know - so don't hesitate to reach out...)

VINX Virtual Songwriting & Creativity Workshop - 1 month - you can purchase multiple months of course!
  • VINX Virtual Songwriting & Creativity Workshop - 1 month - you can purchase multiple months of course!
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One month membership to the Virtual Workshops - Weekly Group Session with Vinx - Team assignments to arrange as you wish - Team session with Vinx each week - One private session with Vinx during the month

If you wish to pay by bank transfer instead, please copy this RIB and send an email to with your contact information so that we can get you registered... Name: vincent parrette IBAN DE74 1001 1001 2624 3876 08 BIC NTSBDEB1XXX

Please read the details here -

Once you register we will send you a questionnaire to complete before the first session...

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If you have not as an individual songwriter or a group met with Vinx on your song DO IT! There is one thing I have learned through experience: if you care about your craft and want to nurture it to the best of your ability and have the opportunity to have someone who is a MASTER, like Vinx, look at your work, you save yourself time, aggravation and probably money in the long run.” - Heather Kim Rodriguez (Hedda Kim) - Las Vegas USA
"Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities within my story. I am re-energized" - Libor H., CZ ”
"I have studied voice for many years, but you have single handedly blown open a whole new way of thinking about my art" - Patti M., USA”